make your dreams a reality

Sure. Okay. Does that seem much easier to say than do? If you think so, that is totally normal. But that does not mean it is impossible or difficult. It can be done. Here are a few things it takes to begin:


A Plan

A Support Network

Let’s begin with Commitment. A true commitment is pursuing your dream regardless of the outcome. Dreams don’t happen overnight. They take time and planning. Committing to keeping going even with missteps and errors is part of achieving your goal. The following are five traits are behaviors that demonstrate true commitment. Evaluate your own commitment level towards your goals.

  1. SACRIFICE is defined as “the act of giving up something that you want to keep especially in order to get or do something else or to help someone.” You may need to give up certain habits that are not productive or helpful. When you are willing to give up what does not work, you are demonstrating commitment.
  2. CHANGE & RISK. If doing what you are doing currently was enough to attain the goal you are committed to, you would already have it. Ultimately, you will need to do some changing and risk the unknown, in order to grow to the point that you can reach your goal.
  3. PERSISTENCE means to steadfastly advance in pursuit of a goal despite obstacles or setbacks. Persistent people do not quit when things get rough. When you commit yourself to something you work through those things because what you aspire to be or to have, is worth the fight.
  4. CONSISTENCY can actually work against you when you consistently execute what is ineffective or unproductive. However, consistently making changes and risking to break from your comfort zones can make you unstoppable as you pursue your goals.
  5. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Truly committed people do not have time for excuses and/or blame games to explain away their lack of progress. They are focused on what they can control. They believe it is up to them to make it happen.

Moving on to the plan. Understanding what direction we are going in and what the steps are to get there is the only direct path. This takes three things.

  1. TIMELINE. First, create a list of all the tasks that need to be completed before the goal can become a reality. Then, prioritize the list in a timeline format. Do not forget to be reasonable with your timeline. Factor in your other responsibilities.
  2. ORGANIZATION. This is non-negotiable. Keeping track of information, data, contacts, dates, etc. Committing to accomplishing your goals is a huge undertaking, you want to make sure you are giving yourself the best chance for success and being organized is a part of that.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT. As mentioned under Timeline, be reasonable with your time. Regardless of what your availability looks like, how much time you have to put towards your goal, managing of your time is very important. You do not want to get burned out or start missing things or get too overwhelmed before you can even begin. While organizing create a daily, weekly or monthly calendar where you can divide up your time reasonably and always make sure you have time for yourself.

Finally, you need a support network to keep us motivated and in check. Pick people that you trust and respect, a coach, a business associate, a friend, a family member. These people can hold you accountable to your timeline, keep you on task and you need to be able to listen to their feedback without getting defensive.

And there you have it. It all begins with your commitment.


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