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The What's of Life CoachingCoaching Explained

Learn how life coaching will help you grow and become the person you have always wanted to be. Our video will explain the ins and outs of what life coaching is. Once you are done, we invite you to take the quiz and find out if life coaching is right for you.

Results I've Helped Create

“I was going around & around in circles. Making the same mistakes with men. I could not get out of the cycle. My therapist recommended that I hire Doren. What a difference. Doren has a way of breaking everything down, create an understanding & then build everything back up. How do I know it works? Well, I am no longer making those mistakes.”

Miami Beach, Florida

“With both my husband & I working full time, along with our three kids, we were struggling with enjoying our family life. Our kids were pulling for our attention & it was creating resentment within our marriage. Working with Doren was like a breath of fresh air. She worked with all of us individually at first, really getting to know each of us. By the time she brought us all together we were all in a place to communicate openly & express our needs. It is a whole new world in our house.”

Beverly & Justin
Kansas City, Kansas

“My life from the outside seemed perfect. I had everything I always wanted. A loving husband, two beautiful children, my dream home & money in the bank. But I was not happy. I felt like something was always tugging at me. I heard about Doren through a friend & thought ‘why not?’. I went in honestly feeling like I was an ungrateful brat. Doren & I worked together & with her exercises & support I began to make realizations about myself & what was missing. It seemed so obvious tome, like something clicked. Doren really helped me find my purpose & happiness.”

Beverly Hills, California

“My wife & I had both been married before & we both had children. We knew we were on the path to getting engaged & we wanted to introduce our children to each other. We were very hesitant, with all the horror stories we had heard. Doren helped ease our concern & we put a plan together. At times it felt like she was a mind-reader. We are happy to report, that here we are two years later; married & blended. Doren is still our coach.”

Jennifer & David
Phoenix, Arizona

“I thought I was going to get a divorce. I thought my marriage was over. I originally hired Doren to assist me in creating an identity for myself. In working together I discovered that I loved my husband & wanted to make things work. WE ended up hiring her together. She really worked with us & help figure out how to love each other better. I never thought is was going to end up like this, but wow! She is a blessing.”

Erin & Simon
Malibu, California

“Doren was excellent! She was so helpful regarding all of the different issues that I had brought to our sessions. In addition to my individual sessions, my husband & I ended up hiring her as our relationship coach. She really helped us get back on track & lead us in a more positive & communicative relationship. He even said that she was better than any therapist he had ever seen.”

West Bloomfield, Michigan

“Doren saved our marriage. We were not communicating, we were resenting one another & on our way to a divorce. With Doren’s coaching techniques our marriage got back on track. She worked with us on being a couple again. We are so grateful.”

Rayna & Thomas
Dallas, Texas

“I hired Doren at a time in my life where I was completely upside down. I had no clue who I was, what I wanted, how to take care of myself, it was like starting from scratch. Doren always listened. Her patience & understand blew me away. She saved me from my fear of what would become of me. I can’t speak to all coaches…but as far as Doren is concerned she knows exactly what she is doing.”

Beverly Hills, California

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